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Employee tracking for social media posting



I encountered the problem with social media posting on Linkedin. The situation here is that I am the person responsible for social media posting. But when I publish, Linkedin says that my manager, who initially connected and populated the whole CMS for our company, is publishing. 

Everywhere on Linkedin, there is her name, but she rarely posts


And my name is not showing anywhere. 


I contacted support, and they told me that the reason for this is because she connected our social accounts with HubSpot CMS; her name will show absolutely every time. The only solution they proposed was to remove my manager as the primary connection and connect my profile. 


But this is not a solution at all! We are planning on employing more people in marketing, and with things standing like this, we won't be able to track who published what. 


The only reasonable thing to do here is to connect with Linkedin properly and show who is posting and not who has connected the CMS initially (which doesn't make any sense).