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Employee Churn & Goal Tracking/Reporting (paid vs non paid seats)

Problem: We bare finding that there is not a solution for employee churn within the sales hub.


A little back story.. We had a sales rep move departments, and hired a new sales rep to join the team. Naturally, I gave the new rep the previous rep's paid seat, as the old rep will not be in HubSpot. 

Because the old rep no longer has a paid seat, we can't see her previous contributions/goals on the forecast tab so go towards the teams YTD goal attainment.


Pain Points:

1. Can't see historical goals/attainment for employee churn if the seat is taken away.

2. The goal reporting needs a lot of work so it isn't a viable workaround. This can only be displayed on a line graph.

3. It doesn't make logical sense that every employee churn will have to be an extra paid seat just to see YTD goals vs. goal attainment.


Possible Solutions:

1.  Let user's historical access be accessible if they are no longer a paid seat (let them show up without letting us continue to use the feature ongoing)

2. Make goal reporting more useful within dashboards. Potentially a view similar to the forecast tab (thermometer type imagery), or at least let goals be able to have a comparison option in other formats (bar graph, KPI, etc.)within the reporting tool.


Current Help Needed:

PLEASE let me know what other best practices are used by companies that are successful with HubSpot. There has to be some way that we can account for employee churn while still viewing goal attainment.

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Great points!