Embedding the Knowledge base seamlessly into website



We have created a knowledge base site, but it is located on a separate domain help.domain.com and when user click on the knowledge base link on www.domain.com the user is redirected to a help.domain.com.



1. The redirect either opens a new tab or loads the new page. The user lose the www.domain.com navbar. This is a broken user expereince.

2. The design is not aligned between the sites. The header and footer is completly different and when we change footer and header on our www.domain.com we need to go in and change the header and footer on the help.domain.com. 


Suggested solutions:

1. Offer options to hide and show header and footer

2. Offer an iframe link that strips the header and footer.

3. Offer html/javascript code to be embedded



  • The user gets a seamless experience
  • No context switch
  • Knowledge base is fully integrated into existing website
  • Can be fully integrated into a mobile app that might not need a header/footer


3 Replies

We are in need of the same solution. Right now our Knowledge base is located on a separate domain, and therefore the user experience is not good noor seamless. 


Would be really good to take this suggestion into account as it would be beneficial for HubSpot-users whom have a non-HubSpot hosted site but still want to use this superb KB-tool.


Fully agree. Would be great to have!


We would also like to be able to embed our HubSpot Knowledge Base (iframe) into our Bubble App for seamless user experience.