Embed code snippets in Knowledge Base articles

I know that our customers would love to see greater embedding flexibility in Knowledge Base articles. Currently, embedding is limited to just YouTube, Vimeo, and Instagram, but many of our customers rely on tools that require embedded code snippets (e.g. maps, interactive tools, and other Javascript snippets) in order to provide thorough documentation to their clients and customers.


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Would really like a feature where it's possible to embed any URL, or an ability to edit the HTML of the knowledgebase articles. This would allow customers like me to get our use-cases solved today while you figure out the right balance for the GUI features.

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This is a Huge issue for us. We got just subscribed to Vidyard because of the New Vidyard and Hubspot partnership / integration. But I cannot embed a video in a Hubspot Knowledge base article using HTML. And, the URL option will not work either! I have to download the video from Vidyard and upload it to Hubspot manually! Please make this a priority. You can embed videos on landing pages but not articles? It's interesting...

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This is also a key limiting feature for us. We host our videos through WorldPlay, but their embed code uses JavaScript to allow control of the video player. We need to be able to embed this easilly in Knowledge Base articles, instead of creating a workaround using iframes.

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We need this to enable us to add a javascript widget into our Knowledge Base articles. It'll just make life easier... Smiley Very Happy