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Embed SurveyMonkey surveys in HubSpot emails with contact tracking

Rather than having to send a survey email via SurveyMonkey with a HubSpot list export and then syncing that data to HubSpot, it would be amazing to be able to embed the SurveyMonkey survey in a HubSpot email directly with contact tracking. I'm surprised this isn't a feature of the integration already. HubSpot knows who is clicking the survey link, so we shouldn't have to add an email collection field to the SurveyMonkey survey. This would be a huge improvement to the existing integration.

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I want to add a quick survey question at the end of the email - just to ask how relevant & useful it is - but HubSpot hasn't integrated that function with Survey Monkey yet. Would be great if you guys can work together and help us achieve it.


I agree. That would be very useful. 


It looks like the new "Send SurveyMonkey survey" option in the Contact dashboard does this. I just tested it today and the surveys appear to have contact-specific URL parameters, and not just a generic URL for the survey. 


This is what we need! The current integration is borderline useless...