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It seems like something that would be a standard feature, but our company thinks it is essential to be able to embed HubSpot dashboards in external sites. For example, we have a centralized reporting system which we use a published link to embed external dashboards via iframe. This seems to be available and standard in other platforms, but not HubSpot. 😞

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I think this is a Go To Market strategy for Hubspot.  They want to be the brain, so you can put other systems data in Hubspot, but you can't easily put Hubspot's data in other systems.  It's anti-user, but pro-marketshare.

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+1: need this too


agreed!  badly needed here!


+1000 super needed here as well!


+1 +1 +1

HubSpot Product Team

We allow users to embed the HubSpot contact timeline into other systems. We would love to let customers embed more parts of HubSpot into other systems, especially reports. This is not something that is currently planned but it is definitely on our radar. 


Hello @brandy_asplundh we would love the ability to embed a HubSpot dashboard in to a confluence page. Hope to see this on the product roadmap 🙂 

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Hi everyone, 

We are doing preliminary research on this idea and wanted to ask a few questions. Feel free to respond in the comments or reach out to

  1.  Where are you looking to embed your HubSpot dashboard? 
  2.  What actions should be allowed within the embedded dashboard? (Should it just be static, or should it allow filtering? Drilling down into the report? Navigating to a HubSpot contact record?)
  3.  What security measures (if any) are you expecting with this feature?

Thanks in advance for your responses!



I would suggest that being able to embed as display or read only to teams and confluence for the same organisation would be very beneficial. These are the leading Collaboration platforms.


Our organisation would benefit from this hugely.  It's very limiting that you have analytics and information that is powerful but can not be shared across the now normal ways of sharing information across organisations. Sharing reports and dashboards by say email is not how MI is shared or collaborated upon these days, you need to be able to share the information through a organisations key collaboration platforms. 






  1.  Where are you looking to embed your HubSpot dashboard? - Google Data Studio
  2.  What actions should be allowed within the embedded dashboard? (Should it just be static, or should it allow filtering? Drilling down into the report? Navigating to a HubSpot contact record?) - Ideally all of what you described, but as a start just static would be fine
  3.  What security measures (if any) are you expecting with this feature? - for our case, no extra security. We'd be limiting access to the dashboard with GDSs built in sharing

Disappointing feature gap here on a reporting tool. Confirms we need to get Hubspot data out of Hubspot ASAP

  1. Needed for embedding into Guru for OKR metric tracking
  2. Static to start - reporting use case, iteration can be done directly in Hubspot
  3. Audience will be internal to our company, requiring auth to see iframe is fine

I definitely need the functionality too. I want to embed dashboards into SharePoint pages. I don't need them to be filterable or for there to be a drill-down, but would like the ability to choose which reports are included in the embed code much like you can choose what the dashboard view looks like when you email it to someone.


For reasoning - I don't want to give Ops, Finance teams, etc access to HS where we have a lot of reports that are meaningful to us in Mktg, but want them to have transparency to our data and ability to see "in real time" results against our KPIs in a place where other departments have dashboards published.


This would be integral to utilizing Hubspot for other areas. We love the reporting feature within Hubspot but we would love to be able to share a live view on our website with our sales teams without them having to jump back and forth. We don't need anything other than a live view, ops would set up the correct filters and such before hand.


This would be very helpful to our oganization. The ability to embed reports from our Dashboards into Google Slides would save us a lot of double data entry for weekly, quartlery and yearly presentations.


We need to embed HubSpot dashboard in Confluence, please make it happen, thanks



HubSpot Product Team


We are actively looking into how we can allow custers to embedd reports and dashboards externally.  We are currently looking to speak and interview customers to learn more about the use cases, permission level and the most common types of reports or dashboards customers would like to embedd. Please email me at

Thank you