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Emails Forwarded into Helpdesk Have the Last Email Associated with the Wrong Sender

The helpdesk has a super cool option to associate the conversation and ticket of a forwarded email with the original sender instead of the person who actually wrote the text when forwarding.


My suggestion is to split out these functionalities so that when an email is forwarded in you still have the lovely option to have that conversation, ticket, etc associated with the correct customer, but that (like earlier emails in the forwarded thread) the final email is attributed to the actual sender. 


This impacts our use-case in a few ways:


1. We work with schools and, often, a teacher will ask the principal or an on-site tech a question that they then forward to us. The message from our contact is then inaccurately attributed to the original sender and we do not know to reply to the actual sender.


2. Our internal team members will forward in questions that were sent to them personally with instructions or notes for the team in the message with the forward. These are then attributed to the client causing confusion.