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Email 'type' categorisation

In these days of SO MUCH email communication, seems strange that HubSpot allows you to select a 'Type' for Meetings and Calls - BUT you cannot do it for email!  Seems very 1995!  Particularly in these Covid days, more and more email is being generated with customers and prospects - but no way to drill down on what was 'Initial Outreach'. 'Follow-up' etc etc.  Probably never been more important than it is today.

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Agree. Our sales team is measured by certain types of emails they send, but to get credit for them, they have to enter them as meetings or calls (so they can use a category). Please consider adding category options for email activity, similar to what you have for meetings and calls. 

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More and more my clients want to really see the impact of their sales emails. Calls and meetings are often lower than management wants because reps say they are busy on email all day. For management to be able to track email types would help both in creating more sales sequences and marketing email automation to save reps time, but also insight into process improvement and coaching. Please add email type as a trackable feature like calls and meetings. 


I see today we now have "direction" on calls.  


We still need email type and outcome.  We need to know if this was prospecting, nurturing, fullfillment.  We aslo need to know outcome.  Connected, yes, no, bounced, appointment set...


We track everything.  Without these fields Hubspot is really stalling our prospecting tracking.

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Upvoting on behalf of a client who needs to separate prospect emails from emails to customers in reporting. Would be great to be able to include an email type. 

As somewhat of a workaround, we have decided to create lists of contacts based on "Subject Line Contains" and then create a specific phrase that Sales needs to include in the subject line of all emails to each "type" of contact that they do not include in others. Then we create reports based on the lists to understand how many contacts are in them/were created in a certain amount of time. It's not foolproof but it does allow for some reporting. 


Agree - we are an advisory firm and we are required by regulation to log client reviews. It's great that we can log them as meetings, calls, emails and notes. It's unfortunate that we can only categorize meetings and calls at the moment. Seems logical that if it was created for meetings and calls, then why not extend it to notes and emails. Some advisors just prefer to write a note or do their review via emails instead of logging meetings.


Having the ability to set a 'type' selection across all type of log activity would help to keep track, streamline and allow users to do it to their preference. 


I agree with having a category for email type. With email being the preferred method of communication over a phone call, I think it's extremely important to capture details from an email just as it is with a phone call.  Hubspot, please add a feature that allows us to categorize emails.


This is VERY Important.  We should be able to categorize emails by type.  Is there an ETA on this at all?


I agree this is a needed feature - if it's available on calls and meetings, surely it's an easy add for HubSpot?

If not, as a work-around, can we report on manually logged emails as separate to emails from the conversations inbox?
It would be great if this report could also include logged calls for a specific type.


This is undoubtedly a must-have! @hubspot how soon can we have it?

This has been requested for a few years. Still no comment from @hubspot very frustrating that this is being ignored.

Agree. Our sales team has goals for their communication efforts and tracks the type of call, meeting and email. Please add this feature asap. Thank you!


Agree this would be seriously helpful ASAP. thank you


Yes! Please ASAP! that would help a lot