Email tracking pixel SPAM issue!

Through doing some email spam testing, I found something concerning - which was confirmed by support - that the tracking pixel is not being given an alt tag.

Missing Alt tags are red flags for spam filters and on testing with I cannot score over 9.5/10 with a HubSpot email.

Ever the perfectionist, and with the trickiness of getting into some inboxes, particularly Microsoft accounts, this is upsetting and definitely an easy fix to resolve!

I'm not sure I agree with HubSpot's stance that "the contact does not interact with the image itself, and therefore we don't believe crawlers need to know more about the image by way of the alt" - I don't think spam filters are quite so sophisticated on that level, and simply see a image without an alt tag.

While a score of 9.5/10 is by no means going to land you in spam if you have good deliverability and follow all the best practices, that 0.5 could tip some of the more spam-riskily-worded emails over the line, or at least into the Promotions/Other folders in Gmail/Outlook.

This should be a super straightforward fix, and would allow us email perfectionists sleep a little better at night ha!

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I am glad to see this posted here.


I too have this same concern.  We aren't using hubspot for email campaigns, simply for one-to-one emails but we want to ensure they are well score and not mistaken for SPAM.


For those fellow users who find this thread, I have used to test emails templates before sending and I get the same error as OP.


I believe it's a trivial code fix (adding alt="" to the tracking code generation routine) so I hope more people see this post, upvote it and HS guru's will make the appropriate change.



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Esteemed Contributor | Gold Partner

absolutely it should be a trivial code fix @geskerrett_en ! Support said they would flag this to the product team internally, but it really would be good to get this in place, such a simple thing to solve with a clear benefit!

Thanks for your response.