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Hi, my users frequently send tracked emails through Hubspot to more than one recipient as it’s often important to maintain an e-mail chain with all recipients seeing who has been sent/cc’d on the e-mail. 


Maybe a future enhancement for Hubspot to consider - instead of one tracking image per e-mail which persists for the life of an e-mail chain, the option to set tracking per e-mail and per recipient with new e-mails dropping/replacing the tracking of any e-mails attached/forwarded/replied to. 


That would give users a much clearer view on precisely which recipient opened an e-mail and which part of the chain, and would help us target our followup activity better too.

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Great idea @sarahtolson


When we are dealing with multiple people at a company, typically a MD, FD, HR manager and/or Pension Manager in my experience, it's rare that we can send an e-mail to a single recipient and it's common to be copying in a colleague(s). Including an e-mail chain is also important where there are follow up actions/commitments and other details in that chain, or like one example this week when there was great feedback in a previously tracked e-mail that we could share/remind/thank them for by including it in the chain . 


The current tracking (one of anyone in the e-mail chain has opened one of any of the may e-mails, counted up)  gets proportionately less helpful the more receipients you have and the more correspondence you have with that client/prospect.   As soon as you get passed the first e-mail and one recipient, the picture starts to blur. 


I really need to know if it was the MD, FD, a PA/secretary or my colleague that opened the e-mail, and whether it was a specifc e-mail (like the last one sent), or just me personally, or anyone else, viewing an e-mail further back in the chain. 

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This would be nice but from what I understand, the current technology doesn't support this