Email tracking / Possibility do deactivate tracking for internal email addresses



we need the possibility to deactivate email tracking for internal email adresses.


HubSpot offers great email tracking features. For bigger organisations in Germany it is really important to protect the privacy of the employees. These companies are not allowed to track opens, clicks and identity from email addresses that belong to employees.


So we need an option to blacklist email tracking for specific domains (e.g. for alle mails are ending with "".



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This is very much needed! Our staff often forward emails they receive to other departments. Sometimes these emails are malicious in nature, e.g. containing phishing links. Our usual process is for staff to hover on the link to check its authenticity before clicking it; however now ALL links appear genuine, because they're rewritten to or similar. We urgently need to disable this functionality for internal emails.

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I totally agree and just upvoted for this one. I requested the same from the community earlier today -