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Email to Deal assignation by email thread title, not only by contact

Situation: We are a travel agent and have service providers who work with us on a large number of deals. Some service providers might work with us on 100+ deals. Every time an email from our service providers comes in, this mail gets assigned to all 100+ mails where this service provider is also part of the deal!

--> Please let us assign emails to a deal based on the thread title, not merely on who sent the email

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This would be really useful, if for example the email thread had a unique identifier, a deal number, booking number.


And then the email was assigned based on this, it would be fantastic


Great idea, we need this, as well. We have multiple deals assigned to the same contact and we only want the deal or even ticket assgined with to the email when the titles have a match (with a specified length of the alphanumeric sequence)