Email timeline out of order, multiple copies of emails confusing

When trying to look at the correspondence history (emails) with a contact, it is very difficult to follow a sequence, and it appears emails appear multiple times and seem to be in random order. it would be nice if there was just a chronological order with the most recent message sent or received at the top and each subsequent message as you scroll down. It's frustrating to find the content I'm searching for

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Strongly agree with this. Myself and my co-workers have found this frustrating and confusing as well.

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Thanks for the reply.  Seems like it should be an easy fix...  

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One of our clients has asked about this also.  They would like to be able to see all emails to and from a contact in date order regardless of what conversation they took place in.  It's a preference thing, you can configure your outlook/gmail account to do this, why not HubSpot too.   Smiley Happy