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Email subscription preferences link for website and non-email places.

I'm trying to add a link to the marketing email subscription preferences page in the footer of our website. I've been told by support this isn't currently possible, and I found this other community post mentioning a need for it, too.

  1. This would be for the marketing team, specifically using email and controling the website
  2. The goal is to allow email recipients to be able to manage their email preferences without having to search for an email in their inbox.
  3. This will allow users/clients/prospects that have opted-into email to be able to manage their subscriptions that much more easily. Adding that goodwill and user-friendly experience for the users. Benefiting the company's image/brand. Benefiting HubSpot's image/brand for being more user-friendly for their customer's, too.
  4. I can't find a good example of this. But an almost is Workday - they have a "Subscriptions" link in their footer that goes to this link that makes people put in their email, to get an email, to click on a link to go to their preference center. - It should be possible to have less steps: link in footer takes you to a landing page, that landing page makes you put in your email, then you can adjust your email preferences in the same window.