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Email spam score checker

When we write emails in HubSpot we often end up with terms in both subject and message, which can rate high on spam engines. This is for users we have communicated with in multiple messages on multiple channels, but for emails this is sometime challenging.


I suggest that a 'spam score check' is added to emails and email templates. The score is automatically updated and you receive a notice like you do on 'suggestions' today. 


The flagging on spam level could ideally be customized to be e.g. 'only flag if spam score is below 5.0 on a scale from 0 to 10 (0 being 100% and 10 not a single elements points to spam)'.


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It would seem to me that this would be a pretty great tool to have available. I have used other email systems, like PinPointe and they had an integrated spam testing tool that would analyze the text of the email and give you a spam score and tell what word were being flagged as spam.


I fully support this. It would be a great addition.