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Currently when you create a task the default email reminder is set to on.  Personally, I do not need emails sent to me for every task as I am actively logged into HubSpot all day and make many calls etc. My inbox would be bombarded.


It would be nice to be able to adjust the default to No reminder or any other option. Right now I have to go clear it for each task that gets created or remember to choose No reminder before saving.

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Has this issue been resolved yet as I too would like to see the Email Reminder function deleted from Tasks instead of being automatically added?!

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This is a HUGE pain point.  Is there any chance it will be resolved soon? 

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As an interim work around you can go to your tasks page, select them all, click edit at the top and select the reminder property to edit. Click clear to change it to none. Do this as often as required to clear out your task reminders. Be sure to keep the ones you want to though.