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Currently when you create a task the default email reminder is set to on.  Personally, I do not need emails sent to me for every task as I am actively logged into HubSpot all day and make many calls etc. My inbox would be bombarded.


It would be nice to be able to adjust the default to No reminder or any other option. Right now I have to go clear it for each task that gets created or remember to choose No reminder before saving.

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I agree.  I would like this as well.  As a tip that works for me, I don't uncheck it and created a rule in Outlook to put all Task reminders into a folder and then I periodically clean them out.  

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Well let's see, it's been a year now since this was requested and nothing from Hubspot. Not a word. 





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This is seriously such a small fix and it would improve the workflow enormously! 

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This feature would be amazing! Our sales team is always in HubSpot and doesn't need email reminders clogging their inboxes, but when they are quickly adding tasks sometimes that default email remind can be a problem

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Agreed with others, this would be an excellent feature.

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I agree

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This would be a great feature as I currently have to always turn the reminder off for every task I create. I only want reminders on occaision for really urgent tasks.  ideally it would be better to be able to plan tasks into your outlook diary too ensure you have enough time aside to complete the tasks.

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Couldn't agree more..... would be a very welcome change to the software. totally agree with Ross Edwards comment: 'would be better to plan tasks into your outlook diary too ensure you have enough time aside to complete the tasks' This would be way more beneficial!

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Yes please! It's really annoying to change this for each task.
Thank you!

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I think we should decide wich option for notification should be default option. As you could see in the picture when you use a task in 1 business Hubspot allways send you an email. When you have 100 task per days is not possible to receibe 100 emails. 


If you need to change in every task the option to select "no remember" you lose a lot of time doing clicks.

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