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Email reminder default settings

Currently when you create a task the default email reminder is set to on.  Personally, I do not need emails sent to me for every task as I am actively logged into HubSpot all day and make many calls etc. My inbox would be bombarded.


It would be nice to be able to adjust the default to No reminder or any other option. Right now I have to go clear it for each task that gets created or remember to choose No reminder before saving. 



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I saw a post in the forums where it was established there is no option to disable email reminders from automatically being added to tasks because "most people want them." While most people might want them, there should be an option where those who don't can choose to turn them off in the settings. Some members of our team have upwards of 70-80 tasks a day, so it's not useful to receive so many emails if we are spending most of our time in HubSpot. 


In the same vein, at the very least can we make it so when you're bulk updating task due dates, email reminders are an *option* and don't automatically get added? Even if the tasks I'm updating had no email reminder to begin with, I have to clear them out each time during a bulk edit. 

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Yes!! I couldn't agree more and have received this feedback from the sales department as well.

It would be nice if we'd have the ability to change the settings for default of Email Reminders for Tasks OR make the default No Reminder!

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Yes please! I also don't need a reminder for any of my tasks.

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I don't want an email for every task every day. That's the point of the list of Tasks in HubSpot in the first place. I'd like to see a button to disable all task notifications as a default, so when creating a Task the notification area is blank. Then you can set it if you want, and only get email notifications for important Tasks, being able to see the rest in the list. 


Hi @andygould This is a great suggestion. I'm going to move this to suggestions forum for further comment.  


Thank you,

Ed Justen

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Thanks! The challenge here is that reps get notifications for everything, so when a workflow throws something important in, they'll miss it. I'm just testing right now, and already getting annoyed at so many email notifications for tasks. Would love love love to see HubSpot whip a toggle up. 

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I just discovered how to turn off reminders. I am a new user and I stumble around quite a bit. Here it is....


SETTINGS - SALES - NOTIFICATIONS (it will tell you the site moved and give a link) the link is PROFILES & PREFERENCES. Under P&P click on Reminder. That is where you can turn off reminders, at the mobile and email level.



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I second this. The task menu is enough. Email reminders create clutter. 

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Yes! Yes! Yes!


Also the ability to add our own custom Task Types (To-do, Email, Call) please.