Email open and click reporting for sequences

Scott from the product team here.


We've heard from our customers that sequences reporting does not give a full picture of email performance, and customers must try to stitch this data together by viewing template and sequence reporting independently within HubSpot.  


To solve this, we're building open and click reporting directly into Sequences.




If you're interested in getting early access to open and click reporting, upvote this post and we'll reach out to you to let you know as soon as it's available. 

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It's very much required to include "Opens" and "Clicks" as part of sequence analytics alongside "Enrolled" "Unenrolled", etc.


Use case is - If i create two different sequences and do a quick A/B test. In current system, there is no way to see whether the email copies are good enough to get "Opens" and "Clicks", if not replies.

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Hi there,


For me, something that I'm missing in HS is to have the reports on every sequence I do. Reports in sence of:

  • How many emails were delivered?
  • How many emails were opened?
  • How many clicks were done?
  • Open rate?
  • Reply rate?
  • Which template in sequence had the best opening rate?
  • etc.

Unfortunately currently there is no way for me to analyse how my sequences are actually performing. This is something the tool Yesware that I use to use before, did offer and is very important for analytical side of the performance. 





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I've requested this also.

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Yes, I would expect similar performance analysis as in the workflows. 

We would like to see what emails are being opened, replied etc in order to both report as well as improve and optimize our emails.

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hey HubSpot Community!


When creating a sequence, there's no way to see who opened and clicked each template. I want to learn what templates are doing well re: open/ click rate (or need help) and at the same time, I want to see which contacts are opening/ clicking those templates in the sequence. This can be done for emails sent on the Marketing side of the portal but cannot be done on the Sales side of the platform.


For me to do the best job at reporting and optimizing my sales efforts, I would love to see these features make their way from Marketing over to Sales.


Big thanks to HubSpot Support for encouraging me to write share this idea with the community!

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I was going through the current reporting for sequences and found that there's currently not a way to see the overall open rate for a given sequence. Although replies and meetings are ultimately the goal with sequences, I feel it would be valuable to see the open rate as well.


This would be another metric to gauge engagement and see how well the sequences are performing and better understand where the issue is when results aren't up to par. 

For example, if the open rate is strong but the sequence is still underachieving, it could mean the issue lies within the emails themselves. Perhaps they aren't relevant to the user or the next step isn't clear.


Would like to see this implemented.




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Actually they've added it. I'm not sure if this is part of the standard offering, or if I can see it because I have the reports add-on. But you can see:

The total enrolled, reply rate, open rate, meeting rate per email. With that said I think there are still quite a lot of reporting metrics and options that could be added to sequences.

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Can you add tracking from the emails in a sequence to the emails that are sent out through HS reporting tool.  A lot of effort goes into creating email templates and sequences with no traceability.

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HubSpot Employee

Currently, on sequence page, we can see which contact is enrolled and which steps they are taking at the moment. 


However, it would be great if we could add a feature that we can see as below: 

  • Which HubSpot user enrolled the contact 
  • Total number of how many contacts were enrolled into sequence by HubSpot user 
  • Display click and open in the sequence steps. 
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I completely agree. I've used several different CRMs and leads/prospecting platforms that offer this type of analysis. I'm really surprised Hubspot doesn't have this feature. This reporting and the "Template Analysis" page should be offered on the Dashboard. Please add these features!