Email notice when inbox is disconnected

I would like to be notified immediately when my inbox has been disconnected. Recently I changed my email password and didn't consider how that might affect my gmail/hubspot integration. Many of my sales sequences errored while the accounts were disconnected. Had I known immediately I could have quickly solved the problem. Instead I now have to reenroll the contacts whose sequences errored during that time.

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As far as I can tell, I didn't do anything on my end but my inbox disconnected.


I had no way to tell that apart from trying to send a new email in Hubspot.

Without receiving an alert or notification, emails in my sequences fail to send and I have no easy way to tell where those failures happened.

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This is much needed.  @alesuer I keep an eye on connectivity by watching the Sequence Summaries. A red 'inbox disconnected' tag will be displayed should there be a hiccup in connectivity.