Email general company address without having to create a contact for a general company address

This is something that annoys me while working in HubSpot, I have a large database of both customer and companies, however sometimes I have the company info before the customer, but it just doesn't make sense to create a contact for a address. It would be more useful to be able to email a company directly through their standard email.


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I think there is a problem with how Hubspot identifies it's contacts, requiring an email address to be the unique identifier or something. Ridiculous - this has problems in various areas.


Most of my companies have a generic email address (info@, hello@, enquiries@ etc). These should be fields for the company without needing to add a ficticious contact.


Also, once you've added an email address to a contact, it's impossible to change it!!! The initial email address is ALWAYS the default, even after editing it.

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I have exactly the same request and I do not understand why this is not done. In some cases actually, the phone is automatically added so it should be also automatically added the email as most companies today they do provide a general phone and email. 

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Same problem - we have a product specifically tailored to certain brands, so we reach out to all applicable brands. However, when we first initiate contact, we're using their general inquiry email addresses. It seems foolish to track that entire process in spreadsheets or with a fictitious contact just until we get a different email address at which point we move it into a contact?


Would be very practical to allow a general email attached to a company be used and tracked alongside the deal flow as if it were a contact.

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This is quite dumb. I send B2B cold emails, I don't know who my contact is half of time. Why do I have to create a made-up contact just to email a generic company email?

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I have the same issue with our Media Release list. Many media companies prefer releases to be sent to general email addresses such as news@x - I want to add these to our list in addition to individual reporters, but have to create a fake contact in order to do so. Adding a field for a general company email to the Company record would be helpful.

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We have encountered the same issue.    We often want to send out emails to receptionists who often just use a company email.   We've found creating fake contacts to be annoying to manage when syncing to Salesforce.   


We have to reverted to exporting to another email sending platform to do this - but it would be ideal to keep this tidily within the company records.  


Please Hubspot can you think about allowing us to create a company email and be able to email these if we have permission to do so.