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Email folders, Landing page folders confusion

There is confusion in managing folders by item types. For example in the management of emails, when we move items into a folder, they continue to appear in the list view, and there is nothing that identifies in which folder they are stored, and the folders do not appear not in list view.
We can notice that this is not the case in the workflows where we find a logical arrangement which is similar to Windows. Indeed we have in the list the elements not classified at the same level as the files, which is much more practical.
It's different again in the landing page view, where you can decide whether or not to display the folders. In addition, we see the folder tree when we want to move an item.
I find that it would be more practical to have an identical storage for all types of files by getting closer to that of Workflows, and by adding in the list view (without the folders) a column specifying in which folder the files are lined up.