Email bcc and forward should log email under associated deal

When using the BCC or Forward function in communications with a contact, the emails should be logged under the deal and not just the contact (who is associated with the deal). 

Typically there are multiple contacts associated with any given deal and if the communications are only logged under a specific contact and not the deal, when an account manager or team representative goes to a deal to get all the latest updates, it is impossible to see unless they were to select each individual contact associated with the deal (the would be very time consuming and confusing to track). 


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Yes please! This is something that our company has been struggling with for a long time! It's such a pain when we have contacts added into a deal and just want to quickly see when we last spoke to someone from that deal we have to go into every single contact and search! Would be much simpler if we had it all collect on the deal. 

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YESSSS I NEED THIS!!! It's very difficult to accurately gather information and I go searching around in the contacts to find an email that I only remember sending to the company but unsure of what contact. Please can we change this! 

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Totally agree - we moved over from pipedrive and all you needed to do was click on the deal specific Bcc address and it copied it to the clipboard and then just paste it into the email! Should be pretty simple to do!

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Yes, we need to be able to associate deals in an email through one of the email integrations or the BCC or Forward address. 

Specific BCC address for each deal?

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My question to contributors here -

(I'm not opposed to this suggestion, as long as it could be disabled)


(from our sales world) The challenge here, is there can also be multiple deals, under same or different owners, associated to any one contact at various points throughout the client's lifecycle. 


How would the integration know which deal to tag the email to? 

A unique bcc address per deal, in our situation, would be unmanageable.


Curious to understand scenarios where using the cc & bcc via the in-HubSpot email functionality from the deal page doesn't work for your purposes?


I agree with @slucas - this needs to be an opt-in feature. For us, we have multiple contacts that are on multiple deals. The whole reason HubSpot went away from this is because we had so much cross communication completely unrelated to the deals.


The outlook sidebar has the ability to view deals associated to a contact - all that is missing is a button that allows you to choose which deals (and which contacts if multiple - or company) you want to log it to. I'm not sure if the Gmail integration has more features. 

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I would love it if the same feature could be implemented for Tickets in the Customer Hub, too! This would save a tremendous amount of manual logging!

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This is a massive requirement for both Tickets and Deals - all other even basic CRMs have this feature, e.g. Pipedrive - this is causing major issues for our clients who have migrated from Pipedrive.


Note this should be a custom email per deal, ticket and company that you can BCC to manage associations.


This is supported in:

Pipedrive, Zendesk, Wrike, Salesforce and heaps more - is a major gap for HubSpot across the board.

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HubSpot Product Team

Hello everyone,


My name is Flora and I'm the Product Manager for the Sales Extensions. We currently have this feature in beta ( Let me know if this is what you are looking for and I can add you to the beta. This is currently only for Gmail.


If you have questions, are interested in the beta, or have any other general feedback about the Sales Extensions - shoot me an email at