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Email alert if/when a domain becomes disconnected

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It would be great if an e-mail alert could go to a HubSpot Portal's administrator in the event of a domain becoming disconnected. This would help avoid an error or website downtime in the event that something were to happen.

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Certainly agree with @_ashleyquintana on this one! Site downtime can affect a business and being notified the moment  a site goes down could make the difference between a future customer or a lost lead.


Agree this would be highy beneficial especially for those users who have contacts who are national and use a vast variety of email domains.

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On behalf of customer 

- This will be really helpful as website downtime would cause tremendous issues. 

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Yes, please!! As a solutions partner, it makes us look bad if a client's blog feed or landing pages go down with no way of us knowing!


This is helpful as product and tech may not be able to track when a website goes down if hosted in Hubspot. 


Yes please! This would be a tremendous benefit! Something this significant should be set up on an alert. 

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Yes, this is very important, we actually had a problem with a large account and this would go a long way in preventing further problems.