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An idea - it would be valuable to have the "Email Types" in the analyze module match the email types we setup in our settings.  Right now, the email types we set in our email settings for our organization are different classifications of emails that we we can setup and assign when creating emails.  For example, this would very valuable to our organization in terms of analyzing transactional emails versus marketing emails.  Right now the default email types do not allow us to decipher between the two.

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This is a no-brainer!

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A thousand times YES!!! One would think this is a "no-brainer" but Hubspot's email taxonomy continues to be a mind**** even with all these updates. Please—go back to the drawing board! 


As someone who uses Hubspot for email marketing and reporting daily: Hubspot's email reporting currently has low value and meaning to me. How it is currently set up wildly skews my data. I end up spending a lot of time creating reports outside Hubspot to reflect the performance of my specific email types and to get a better sense of how our emails are performing overall. I'm frustrated because Hubspot was supposed to simplify my reporting—not complicate it.