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When creating emails for internally routed emails, there is a requirement that an email type be selected...  This "type" is also available for ALL contacts, when they are selecting the type of email that they would like to receive.  Internal vs External emails should have their own types that are exclusive of each other.   Or give the option, for internal to not even have a type.

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Agreed. An internal email should be void of these rules.

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There should definitely be a way to choose which subscription types are shown on individual subscription settings pages.  

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Upvote, this seems like an easy and obvious feature that should be there already. Mixing internal and external email campaigns negates the purpose of tracking external marketing emails if they are mixed with internal stuff.

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Agreed! It defaults to "marketing subscription" which skews my overall marketing email data!

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I agree - we would like to have the option to be able to hide email subscription types that are internal facing when external contacts select manage preferences in emails. 

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Agreed - just discovered out internal comms showing up on the preferences page. Disabling the internal "subscription type" then meant we had to go through and fix 27 different workflows.