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Email Templates should include Ticket Properties

We are implementing Service Hub.  I started on the process of creating a workflow to fire off an email when a service ticket is submitted.  Also, we had planned on using email templates for responding to common issues, etc.  When I opened the Email Template builder, I found there was no Ticket properties available.  


I'm assuming this is something that's planned/in progress already?  I guess I would expect all of your Service Hub users to require the email template functionality.  I actually submitted Support Ticket and was told to submit an Idea.  Seems like this is more of a major function than a simple idea.  

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I posted my use case in the Tickets forum and was told to post it here instead. Since it's related to this post I'm sharing it as a comment here:


I would like the ability to send an automated email to a contact (customer) when a ticket is created for them. The customer should be able to reply to this email to add comments or attachments to the ticket.


We are using a custom contact form with a workflow that creates tickets for our contacts. I've tried to add an email to the customer as part of this workflow but it doesn't work very well because that email is not associated with the ticket. Best case scenario, replies create a new conversation, worst case scenario, they're lost in the ether.


Email conversations related to tickets should appear to the contact as a continuous stream of communication, meaning all previous replies should be included in every email that is sent to them from that ticket. Until this is implemented our communications with customers will be fragmented and potentially confusing.


Ticket properties are now available in email templates.  This can be closed.