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We are a sales organization and have hundreds of email templates inside of Hubspot.  While there are reports that show the overall performance of a template, there is no way to dive into that data and see all the contacts who were sent that template and opened it.  I would like to be able to see a contact list of everyone who opened the email and be able to sort that list by who opened it the most, highest to lowest.  If someone has opened an email 8 times and not yet replied, they should be at the top of my list for a follow-up phone call.  I would start every day with that report if it existed, as it would help identify the warmest leads.  All the data exists already within Hubspot, we just need this report to pull it together in a more actionable way.

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Jason, we are going through the same issue here.


The current reporting features don't have any template functionality right now which is a bit disappointing.


I think there is a lot of potential for Sales Template reporting and being able to drill into opens/replies/clicks on those templates. Right now, it seems like the activity feed is the best way to do that, but it is not customizeable in any way.


Also, if you are on the Sales Analytics dashboard, you can export some reports, but once again, the functionality is limited, and if you export a report to a dashboard, you can't drill in anywhere.



It would be very helpful to create lists based on contacts I've sent certain template emails to. Right now, there's not a way to search contacts by template email, and I'm not sure why. This feature would be very helpful.


Thank you!:)


please hubspot do something about it

We can't do any relevant reporting based on the template we're using  !!



I am also facing the same problem, Although we can track the contacts in Marketing Emails as there are links available overthere but there is no option to track the contacts for Hubspot template report.

Please let us know if you have the relevent answer over this.


Agree! I know 29 people have opened and viewed it but I dont know who withour serching through each contact.

I woud also like a list of who has viewed an attachement rather than an email each time they do it, is this possible?