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Email Subscription Preference Pages for Business Units

Please develop the functionality to create multiple Subscription Preference Pages that are specific to each business unit in the account not just the default! 

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This is a huge challenge, I got an answer from support in December that this still isn't possible, is there a timeline for this? 

This is the answer from support:

Currently the expected behavior for the Subscriptions Partitioning Beta that your portal is part of is that we don't support custom domains for the Subscription Preferences pages, so they will always be hosted on

regardless of which brand domain or Preference Group the email is set to.

If you send out an email to either of the Business Units seen here, they will both automatically use the for that email subscription preferences page as referenced above.

At the moment these URLs don't change, irrespective of which subscription types or preference group the email is associated with as well as that we don't have a way to change this on the backend at this time.


@NSmits-Jørgen9 I found this too. I would note that one thing that caught me out here was that if you send a test to two contacts on different business units they will link back to the same main account unit. However, if you send live emails to a test email address on different business units, it does serve different preference centres.


Ultimately, this idea is still needed as it would be good to manage/personalise etc.. the preference pages themselves separately from each other.

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That's a great idea! +1 


+1, really need this feature. 


+1, need this feature.