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There should be a way to send/save email preview links for smart rules. After creating a variety of different rules, the only way to preview them is to send yourself (or your team) a preview of the email from the view of a contact that meets the criteria. 


Sending a bunch of emails can get confusing and having a list of links would be much easier when giving emails a final review. 

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I second Ryan's idea.


We very often create very complicated/segmented emails for our clients. Being the responsible marketers that we are, we preview everything that we create (we practice what we preach). But the process as it currently exists is incredibly cumbersome for us -- and we know what we're doing in HubSpot.


Now imagine a client who is new to using HubSpot. They see the power in creating a highly segmented email and want to dive in, but then they can't figure out how to preview all of the different versions. Or they understand the process, but find it too overwhelming to go through each and every time. Either they're going to forgo the preview/test, and risk making a mistake, or they're going to go through the process once -- and never do it again, because the first time was so awful.


(Just as an example, for one of our clients we recently built a segmented email with 20 different variations relying on smart content. That required we find a specific contact that met each of those individual criteria and send a preview as though sent to each of them. It might seem like a small thing, but the time and complexity really adds up.)


I can't imagine finding a solution to this problem would require major development or investment on the part of the HubSpot dev team, but the payoff -- in the form of happier customers who will be more inclined to use the advanced features of the tool -- would be huge. Increased customer satisfaction, increased retention, and higher utilization rates of the more advanced functions.


A similar idea to this was suggested over a year ago ( and never acted on or even replied to, despite active interest from a number of other users.