Email Reporting Improvement Ideas

Our CEO is constantly requesting information about our email campaigns that cannot easily be answered. He would like the capability to drill down on the top-level analytics. For example, he might want to know, "How did this campaign perform with CMO's?" He wants to see how many CMO's received the email, opened it, clicked, etc. Or he might have a similar drill-down request by industry, or geography, or even by company (Did anyone from Ford Motor respond?). He wants an ad hoc, drill-down capabilitiy. 


Currently, we pulling this info by creating Smart Lists, but this is quite time consuming, since we need to pull a separate list for each email metric (sent, opened, clicked).


Also, since so many emails lead users to a landing page with a form, it would be great if the number of form fills appeared on the email overview screen. That would give us the complete picture.


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