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It would be great if Hubspot had the ability to track how many replies I got to my marketing newsletters. A lot of our newsletters are designed to get people to reply to them instead of having them click on something, so really the reply rate is what we want to measure over CTR.


Each newsletter is sent from a dynamically populated email address (based on the sales rep who is working with the lead), so it's pretty impossible to track this by just monitoring an inbox. 

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Email Reply TrackingHubSpot Product Team
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Hi all, wanted to share an update here. First off, we have definitely been paying attention here, and have been following along closely with all your feedback. Apologies for the radio silence, we didn't have anything super meaniful to share at the time. I have some good news, we totally agree that this is a very impactful feature for the HubSpot product and are doing a lot of research right now to identify how and when we can make this possible. We want this to reach it's full potential, including offering capabilites to enroll/unenroll from a workflow, log replies on contact timelines, offer list segmentation, rich email reporting, the whole kitchen sink. 


We'll be deep in planning and research for a little while on this so we may not have a beta soon, but I wanted to let you all know that there is light at the end of this tunnel and that your feedback was not falling on deaf ears. Bear with us on this, there's a lot to this feature but we think you're going to get a lot from it. Smiley Happy

Email Reply TrackingHubSpot Product Team

For some of our email marketing campaigns, our goal is to encourage a response/dialogue with their sales rep who is sending the email. It would be very helpful if one of the email marketing analytics we could track were replies sent to the "From Email Address". Ideally, "Out of Office Replies" would not be counted in this analytic.

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This is a very basic need.

Everything is in place withing the email integration to track so why the option isn't there for us to enable is a big questionmark.

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At least an indicator that someone replied to our marketing emails would be a help.

Right now there is no way to track replies in a scalable way.


Getting replies without a good overview is just bad practice.

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If you can't track replies properly, sending out email is nothing different than handing out physical, paper flyers in the streets.

Good luck with tracking anything from that. 


This best practice 101 (trackability) is just as important as deliverability.


That it isn't there still, is crazy.

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 Its been a year since this idea was posted... How does a marketing and sales software not track this super basic metric???

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It's very frustrating that this isn't possible. We've run multiple campaigns where the primary CTA is just to respond with a good time for a call. The response rates have been great - as a CTA format it's more effective than a landing page at generating the same thing - but measuring this kind of campaign is a nightmare because we have to manually count the emails in a busy sales inbox.

It's possible to do this with emails tracked from sidekick, so why can't I do it with HubSpot email campaigns? Sidekick isn't funtional enough to replace an email campaign; but email campaigns don't track as well as sidekick.

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@jmiller2 Here is another thread requesting this! Can you upvote? 

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We desperately need this feature !!! 

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Very surprising that this still hasn't been done!


We use Workflows, and when we receive replies, they need to appear in the contacts feed so we can then reply via HubSpot...they also need to be tracked, so as mentioned we can use if/then branches for these instances


I feel like hubspot have done a lot of things really well - but email integration and functionality seems to be lacking!

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We could REALLY use this!

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Yes, please!!! I second this 🙌


Is this feature in the works, HubSpot?