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It would be great if Hubspot had the ability to track how many replies I got to my marketing newsletters. A lot of our newsletters are designed to get people to reply to them instead of having them click on something, so really the reply rate is what we want to measure over CTR.


Each newsletter is sent from a dynamically populated email address (based on the sales rep who is working with the lead), so it's pretty impossible to track this by just monitoring an inbox. 

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Is there any plan to include marketing email replies as an option in the future? It would be super helpful... for us, it prevents the issue of them receiving a follow up email encouraging them to book a meeting when they might have emailed to give a valid reason for not booking a meeting or requesting more information first. In those events we might end up frustrating prospects if we don't take them off a workflow and assigned to a rep to follow up instead.

Status updated to: In Planning
HubSpot Product Team
Hi folks- We are ~3-4 weeks away from kicking off the Alpha for this project. We had a lot of people sign-up, so we had to do 2 things: 
  1. The Alpha signup form is now closed. As soon as we are comfortable with the stability of the solution, we will open this back up & make it generally available. 
  2. We were only able to select a portion of those who signed up to participate in the Alpha. For those folks who were selected, I’ll be sending instructions on how to get access to the alpha and more information on how it will work.
  3. For those folks who weren’t selected, I’ll be reaching out to let you know. You will also be the first to get access as soon as we progress to the next stage.
Thank you for all your patience, and I am looking to finally getting this one resolved for you all!

Super fantastic news!!! Can't wait for this to be in production if not selected for Alpha 😄

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Didn't read through the whole feed but the functionality to knock people out of a workflow after directly replying to a worflow email would be an awesome add. Many of my workflows are set up for sales folks so being able to not over send to people that have started the dialogue with a rep would be great. 

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I assumed I was using hubspot or the gmail integration wrong. Very surprised that it doesn't have this functionality out of the box.

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I'm glad to hear the Alpha for this should be launching soon. This is a critical component for our team as well, so I'd like to be considered for any other Beta or early release on this feature!

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+1. This is essential! 

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Hi there,


Any updates on the live date??

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Awesome news, waiting to know when this is rolled out beta or live.