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Email Reply Tracking

It would be great if Hubspot had the ability to track how many replies I got to my marketing newsletters. A lot of our newsletters are designed to get people to reply to them instead of having them click on something, so really the reply rate is what we want to measure over CTR.


Each newsletter is sent from a dynamically populated email address (based on the sales rep who is working with the lead), so it's pretty impossible to track this by just monitoring an inbox. 

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Fantastic news! Thanks for the update.


@jaleonard19 this is one most important thing missing in the marketing hub!! Thanks so much for the update and I truly hope this one will be resolved any time soon. I'd be happy to provide some feedback when you have more details.


@jaleonard19 Thanks for the update. Do we have an approximate timeframe for this? Are we talking weeks, months, years?


Guys its not really fantastic news...haha. 


This was recommended years ago and it hasn't even been started yet. It'll be at least another year before it launches and you'll probably still have to be on the 800 a month plan. 


The ability to do this is in every email service possible and it's free in Mailchimp. 


I can't pay that nor can I wait any longer. My whole intention of getting a CRM was to automate workflows and sequences. Here, you can't automatically enrol someone into a sequence from a form fill and you cant start a workflow unless youre on the 800 a month plan. The automation costs $750 more a month here then it does on quite a few other platforms that offer even more.


Im headed elsewhere! Not that I don't like Hubspot, they've been awesome. But it's not the only CRM


The emporer is not wearing any clothes.  

@PavedToPinesis correct.  HubSpot's answer is they're still in the exact same phase they were a year ago...



Four years of "it's in the planning phase!"  


A year straight without a response.


Finally get an update and it's... "we're totally going to work on this soon, guys!"




@JustinTime @ebarrett 

Yeah dude.


Pipedrive just bought Mailgen so theyll have sales and marketing in one CRM and fresh sales has all of this already both are the same price as one starter seat for either sales or marketing here.


Has this  been updated yet? Is there a place on Hubspot where I can see all the responses to email I've sent? Is there a way I can configure so that the emails get sent to me and/or my customer care team to address customer replies?


This is pretty critical for all the Hubspot Community!

Please go ahead with this.

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Wait, what? This hasn't been updated yet? When will you enable marketing email tracking? 


+1 this would be a great goal criteria for workflows as well. Unenroll if contact has replied to email.


It's very important for us to change pipeline status when a contact reply to an email. Marketing must help sales department. Thanks

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Hey @tpgoebel ,


Thank you for your message. This is something we are curently reviewing and have heard other customers ask for. Can you let me know a bit more about what you are referring to by "normal email activity"? Do you mean surfacing the reply in the contact record or conversations inbox?






This idea is pivotal for us to effectively track a number of our campaigns, both automated 1:1 emails as well as larger marketing initiatives. Please let us know if these are features will be included in a beta anytime soon!

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Hi folks -

Thank you for the comments, feedback, and honesty. I understand the frustration that the lack of functionality, and stagnation over the last 3 years is causing. Recognizing the repetitiveness of this comment, I will say we are actively moving towards bringing a solution for this into HubSpot.


What I am looking for now is to start pulling apart this problem with all of you individually. We are looking to understand all of your use cases in greater detail, and needs from a reply tracking solution. This will also be the pipeline we use for getting customers into an Alpha/ Beta once we have reached that point. If you are interested in providing feedback as we build out a reply tracking solution in HubSpot, and participating in an Alphas/Beta, then please fill out this form.


I hope everyone here is doing well during these stressful times.


Keen to jump aboard and help in needs analysis/testing. Form submitted.


And be able to use "replied to marketing email" as a trigger and as a goal in workflows to opt out of the workflow for nurturing campaigns built in workflows instead of sequences.

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Great idea! Thanks for getting this rolled out HS.
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Yes @bboisier that is a basic need for many marketers - keep emailing them until they reply (or until you give up Robot Very Happy )


This would be incredible!  I'm creating a lead nurturing workflow sends leads specific emails based on the info they share with us via forms.  The emails ask more questions and it would be great to turn the nurturing emails workflow off based on a reply so that our SDRs don't have to do it manually, or potentially forget and look foolish and discredited.