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It would be great if Hubspot had the ability to track how many replies I got to my marketing newsletters. A lot of our newsletters are designed to get people to reply to them instead of having them click on something, so really the reply rate is what we want to measure over CTR.


Each newsletter is sent from a dynamically populated email address (based on the sales rep who is working with the lead), so it's pretty impossible to track this by just monitoring an inbox. 

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would love that feature


Just want to add a strong vote to this idea.  We need it!


This is a must-have for our team, too. With the emerging trend of conversation-oriented marketing, such a metric would be gold!!! I understand that this is not easy to implement and has huge potential but there are two things I'd love to see here:


1. A statistic that would enable measuring response rate of marketing email in the "Performance" tab of an email.

2. A condition for a workflow: If a user replied to the email then...


The first one is a must-have, second is more like nice-to-have.


Could we get any status update? The last reply from the product team is from almost a year ago...



Bumping this idea once again!


Shouldn't be too hard to do this, most, if not all, email marketing services have this as an option


+1 to this request as well! This is essential to ABM initiatives. 


Use Cases:

1) We want to be able the track # of replies by ABM campaign.Within each ABM campaign, we also want to know which email had the highest reply rate. 

2) Triggger workflow based on a reply 


We are currently manually tracking replies in a google sheet and alerting reps. 


Was so dissapointed to find out after we had moved our whole company to Hubspot about this abyssmal lack of functionality. Would've been a dealbreaker  but now its so hard to move away from Hubspot after moving all our of data into the CRM.


The only thing worse is the poorly labelled logic in the workflow designer which allows you to think you are creating workflows that take customer replies to your marketing emails into consideration in the workflow logic but in fact are only looking at replies to "sales" emails.


Took us months to figure out that engaged customers that were talking to a sales consultant were also being sent automated marketing emails.





It's been almost a full year since HubSpot replied to this convo with the answer that this was In Planning...UPDATE, please!


I also share the frustrations of many others in the thread. We also just moved everything over from Salesforce/Pardot and really thought this functionality was included. This is a completely essential functionality for us. I see that the last update from Hubspot was nearly a year ago. 


This is such an essential feature for marketing. 

There are so many cases of marketing/sales cannibalism that can be easily avoided by knowing when a prospect has replied to an email.

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I'd also like the property that records that the contact replied to the marketing email, for example, ' Recent sales email replied date ' for marketing emails. I was looking to create a workflow where there is if/then branch and whoever hasn't replied to our marketing emails would go to NO and will be sent a second email.

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Yes @fujisun this does have a workaround;


Using Zapier, you can trigger a zap that any email arriving in your inbox will ping Hubspot and update a property on Hubspot (like a custom property Recent Marketing Email Reply). You can use that property to show that they contact replied and therefore take them off the workflow.


I hope this is clear. Otherwise, need to wait until Hubspot builds this feature.


(Note: you will need to use Workflows instead of Sequences because you can't remove a contact from a sequence without manual action, but anyways - you are only talking about Workflows because Sequences do stop when the contact replies.)


I agree that this is a very necessary feature in workflows, was extremely surprised to discover that replies to emails were not being logged under the contacts.

@Shay Is there any update as to when this may be implemented?

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Bump. Good marketing emails should elicit a reply, so we should be able to track these and have visibility within HubSpot.

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Yes @MarketingMax this is basic and Hubspot is hopefully doing something about it soon.


How was this suggested 3 years ago and hasn't been built yet. 


@BB1Time to take the rose-colored glasses off...HubSpot is wholy unresponsive to this thread for a year.  I get that it's probably a heavy lift to create, but good old fashioned periodic updates to their paying clients would be minimally appropriate.

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Hi - @ebarrett  - yes, maybe @Shay can break the radio silence again to light up some hope!


Want to also further request this feature. Mailchimp makes it super easy, just a checkbox. Hubspot needs to as well.

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Hi Everyone - 

Taking this thread over from @Shay  Yes, this work item is in-planning right now. We haven't yet started development on it. We know roughly the work needed to get there and it should be prioritized in the near future. I will update this thread with more details once that timeline becomes clearer.


As we get closer  hopefully I can gather a few folks from here to get some early feedback. Looking forward to getting this one solved for you all! 




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Awesome @jaleonard19 Looking forward to seeing this resolved. Thanks Jake for speaking up.