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It would be great if Hubspot had the ability to track how many replies I got to my marketing newsletters. A lot of our newsletters are designed to get people to reply to them instead of having them click on something, so really the reply rate is what we want to measure over CTR.


Each newsletter is sent from a dynamically populated email address (based on the sales rep who is working with the lead), so it's pretty impossible to track this by just monitoring an inbox. 

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We need this!

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Come on, this seems such a logical idea

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Yes! Yes! A Thousand times yes!


... how can we be nearly two years on from this idea being posted and it's still not here?!


Have only recently signed up for Hubspot, and this could actually be grounds for me leaving. 

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+1 on this

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Absolutely agree! This is an ongoing requirment for us, whereby we want to branch out the workflows based on replies to the marketing email.


+1 to this 

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I would like a way to view/show email responses in a contact record in reverse chronological order.

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 Intercom has been doing this for years. It's completely crazy that this feature should not be available in HubSpot.

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We have had quite a few angry contacts who have responded to multiple emails in the workflow but continued to receive follow up emails from the workflow. I was able to find a workaround by connecting the inbox of the email address that these people are coming from, but we have definitely lost customers because this option does not exist.