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Email Reply Tracking

It would be great if Hubspot had the ability to track how many replies I got to my marketing newsletters. A lot of our newsletters are designed to get people to reply to them instead of having them click on something, so really the reply rate is what we want to measure over CTR.


Each newsletter is sent from a dynamically populated email address (based on the sales rep who is working with the lead), so it's pretty impossible to track this by just monitoring an inbox. 

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There should be a way for marketing email replies be tracked in the email report view. So essentially, the report would show: delivered, bounced, opened, clicked AND replied.

HubSpot Produkt-Team
HubSpot Produkt-Team

For some of our email marketing campaigns, our goal is to encourage a response/dialogue with their sales rep who is sending the email. It would be very helpful if one of the email marketing analytics we could track were replies sent to the "From Email Address". Ideally, "Out of Office Replies" would not be counted in this analytic.

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It would be great if we are able to see email replies in HubSpot following an email campaign.  Our emails are typically personalized and sent from various lead owners so it's difficult to track responses.  Thanks!

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Hey @AmyF thank you for posting! Can I clarify if you are referring to the emails that are sent via the CRM or Marketing Emails sent using HubSpot's Marketing Basic / Pro / Enterprise platforms? Thank you!


Would love the ability to track a contact's response as easily as I can track my original email. I realize this can be done by forwarding their response to the hub id but this is pretty clunky. All emails should have the "Log in CRM" check box.



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Seen that @AmyF hasn't replied here, but from my perspective I do agree that being able to see if someone has replied to a marketing email send through at least Pro / Enterprise. It would be great to see the reply, but if not possible, at least to show whether a reply has been received by the marked sender. Often we send emails where the goal or CTA is for the recipient to reply, and being able to report on this would be valuable, without having to ask sales teams, MD's etc if they received a reply. Understandably, a limitation here would be that out of office replies would probably count, which wouldn't be so good.


100%! Marketing should be the start to building a relationship, and we need to track email replies!


Our company utilizes workflows with the end goal of starting conversations with our prospects. Right now, we have no way of tracking whether a prospect replies to a marketing email or not. I think this is a big miss in terms of reporting because it is a very important interaction that we can't quantify. 



Agreed... this is a very important aspect of our marketing.


We have workflows that get triggered after a user fills out a certain form (an online quote form for us).
That automatically starts no only a task for the hubspot owner, but also starts a series of marketing emails to the user.


These are in _addition_ to the Sales emails we also send...

If the user responds to a marketing email, it needs to be part of their record so that when I go to call or speak with them, I can see a full evaluation of their interaction.  It may be that in their response, they already said -leave me alone- or something... or they may have asked a question we need to address.


These emails are just as critical as sales emails to the process...


This seems like a no-brainer.


If I'm sending out an email with the subject "This is my subject" then HubSpot should be able to see replies that look like "Re: This is my subject" and count them as "replied to." 


If I were building a HubSpot competitor, this would be one of the first things I'd build. Build campaigns based upon reply logic.