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My name is Shoshi and my HubSpot Agency uses both the Marketing and the Sales tool. I noticed that the Marketing tool allows you to create a subject line, preview line, and body for each email. On Sales, you can only write a subject and a body, but not a preview.


As a BizDev Manager, email Templates and Sequences are a key part of my work and it's important that each email is optimized to maximize engagement with contacts. My suggestion would be for HubSpot Sales to include a preview line in Templates so I can use that space to encourage open rate and readership. 


Is that something that other HubSpot Sales users would be interested in?


h/t Katelyn Kerins for giving me the idea to post here!

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I think the point of a sequence is to look hand written, not sure that a well thought out preview will convey that.

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@boldigital, I agree with you 100%