Email Preferences Pages for Multiple Domains


It would be very useful if Enterprise customers that are hosting multiple domains could have more than one active email preferences page. If the domains are completely unrelated and a contact is subscribed to one domain, why do they have to see all active email types from the portal? Why not just one domain?

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Status updated to: In Beta
Feb 7, 2020

Hi folks!


I'm changing this to "In Beta" as it is now available with a Marketing Hub Enterprise subscription.


If you'd like to access the Beta please reach out to your Customer Success Manager.



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We have the same problem in our company.

It would be nice to heve this feature. Recently we've got an email from one if our subscribers. He was shocked when he saw in how many subscribtions list he has been automaticly added.
In the consequence he unsubscribed from all of them.

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A Must have ! Expecially with Branding Domains on Hubspot Enterprise...


Yes, we need this too. Hubspot, if you are reading, please do this.


Just to echo the many requests to enable multiple templates set up for communication preferences and unsubscribe pages. This is really needed with GDPR in place. I have three brands in my Enterprise accounts.

Please expedite this as soon as you can. thank you!


Super important feature.. Can't believe it doesn't exist yet!!! 😮


yes please


Would love to hear an update on this one.


Updates yet?


This is really important at our end - any word on updates?


yes please


I would love to tie the unsub link to one email subscription type (have a seperate unsub page for each subscriptiong type). Now, when a user clicks the unsub link on an email, it unsubs them from ALL communication and I don't want them to have a to go through a manage preferences list that doesn't apply to them. 


Voting for this as well. We have European and American divisions and need this in multiple languages. Any workarounds for this?!?


I voted now.

This feature request was created Feb 21, 2017 and seems still open.

I can't understand why laying off this feature request so long.


Is there any updates - it looks like this has been planned for a while now


Nice idea - however...


Is this going to be available for Professional?  We are spending about $1,000 per month but have less features in cases like this than ActiveCampaign (which I know they have this feature because I have an account with them too and recently switched to Hubspot) which is only $150/mo for my number of contacts.


I have multiple sub-brand domains that need unique subscription pages and subscriptions.  If I don't get this, the other sites will see subscriptions they are not supposed to.  Big problem!


I reached out to HubSpot and it's part of their new Business Unit feature they will rolling out. This will be a rebranding of the Brand Domains. It's an added cost of $700 month! Our current manage preferences page is ridiculous! We can't omit subscription types as our portal is part of a university with many departments who serve specific audiences and as new departments get added to HubSpot to manage their email marketing, more types are added. Some of our subscription types are internal for staff and faculty. Currently, when a contact clicks the link in the footer of an email not only is the list of subscription types overwhelming but offers the opportunity for contacts to subscribe to these internal lists that has zero to do with them. These subscription types should be targeted for the audience it is intended. Not a catch-all. If I navigated to our manage preferences page, I would globally opt out. The list is too long and there is no grouping by department. I hope HubSpot will reconsider the additional fee and add this as a much-needed feature in Enterprise!