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It would be very useful if Enterprise customers that are hosting multiple domains could have more than one active email preferences page. If the domains are completely unrelated and a contact is subscribed to one domain, why do they have to see all active email types from the portal? Why not just one domain?

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same here, big need as we've got multiple domains = multiple preference center. (Hubspot enterprise)


Our workaround planned is to create fields in the contact database, create forms per domain and then workflows to populate the back-end subscription fields.


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Definitely need this!

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I'm the lead developer, for Platinum Partner - DeeplyDigital, who came up with the workaround that Richard mentioned earlier.
It definitely has it's limitations and isn't a perfect solution but it does mostly what we need it to.
Hope this helps:


The problem: All emails have a single link in the footer that goes to a global unsubscribe page.


The solution involves editing 3 areas:


1 - Subscription preferences template:

Create a basic subscription preferences template that contains no branding and just lists the subscription types.
Use javascript to get a URL parameter (I used brand=BRANDNAME) and hide subscription types that don’t contain the brand name (You will need to preface all the subscriptions with their respective brand names)


2 - Set up a normal landing page for each brand:

This page will be branded and will iframe in the subscription preferences template. It is on this page you can add the brand=BRANDNAME to the iframe URL
We also need to include the HSENC property that comes across from the email link. (It includes a specific email pattern which lets us identify the user.)
Example iframe:

<iframe id="unsubscribe-iframe" class="unsubscribe-iframe" src="{{ request.query_dict._hsenc }}&brand=BRANDNAME"></iframe>

3 - The email footer:
We replace the email footer unsubscribe with a custom link to our newly created page
You will also have to have a hidden link to the old preferences page as hubspot will stop the emails from sending if it doesn’t detect the tag.


You will also need to create the confirmation page as an unbranded page that will get loaded in the iframe. There may be a couple of other changes that need to be made for it to work correctly for you.


If you need help get in touch through

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@matt_scott how do you hide the "unsubscribe link" in the email footer?


@Jonnydk Legally, at least in the US, you're required to include the unsubscribe link in automated emails sent from your CRM to your customers. However, it is possible to turn off the footer directly from Hubspot. When creating an email, just hover your mouse over the footer, and click the trash can icon to delete it. 

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I created a new footer module with the correct links in as well as the following with the style display:none

<a style="display:none;" href="{{unsubscribe_link}}">email preferences</a>
<span style="display:none;">{{ site_settings.company_name }}, {{ site_settings.company_street_address_1 }}, {{ site_settings.company_city }}, {{ site_settings.company_state }}</span>

Only issue is it still appears in the html only email but for us that is very rare use case and the link still technically works

You obviously need to make sure you put the address in too

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@matt_scott thanks alot, I am going to piece this together. You have been a temendous help!

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@matt_scott can you clarify this a bit more? "Use javascript to get a URL parameter (I used brand=BRANDNAME) and hide subscription types that don’t contain the brand name"

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So this is the template type System - > Email subscription preferences page
In the second step we iframe this page in adding brand=MyBrand to the end{{ request.query_dict._hsenc }}&brand=MyBrand

So on this first template you need to use JS to get the query string from the URL in this case it would be "MyBrand"
On this page it lists all the subscription types you have HERE#/marketing/email/types
If you name your subscriptions with their brands e.g.
MyBrand - Monthly Newsletter
MyOtherBrand - Monthy Newsletter

Then on the listing page you can use js to hide all the subscription types that don't contain the text 'MyBrand'

And then when you create another landing page (step 2) but with the iframe{{ request.query_dict._hsenc }}&brand=MyOtherBrand

It will pick up my other brand and only show those subscription types

If you need further help get in touch with us at (Hubspot Platinum Partner) and I'd be happy to have a look on your portal and get it up and running

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We have audiences that speak spanish, portuguese and english. This is very important to us. We really need more of those enterprise-ish features...


This is a a necessary enhancement that needs to be included to host multiple domains. This restriction should be explained prior to multiple domain agreements. I upgraded to Enterprise to manage two separate entities and now I can't. Really disappointed - please address this soon!

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@matt_scott is it possible to use this solution where each brand has multiple subscription types?


E.g. I have a Brand called RapNet and it has Subscription type A,B and C. A user unsubscribes from B. Will your solution unsubscribe them from the entire brand? Is it a 1:1 relationship or can I have 1 to many?







We have the same issue for one of our clients where showing different subscriptions to different types of users is essential. 


Clients use case:

They have subscriptions that are for everyone and specific subscriptions that only shows customer-related information (specific relevant events and content that are only for customers to see). When a normal user (not a customer) goes to their subscription page they can also subscribe to lists that are absolutely not relevant for them.


Our client has the ambition to migrate all their marketing tools to Hubspot, but this feature is keeping them from doing so because it looks kinda sloppy that we can't show only relevant subscriptions on that page.


Possible solution:

As mentioned before it would be nice to either make the single subscription page smart based on lifecycle stages or on the other hand the option to make different subscription pages for lifecycle stages. The first solution would be most beneficial of course. 


I agree ! Extremely important for us to have this also!


Hi - any news on this topic ? It seems that it has been in planning since 2017...

We are using Hubspot Enterprise for a group of 5 companies, and would love to be able to create 5 separate subscription/preference centers in Hubspot. Same goes for data privacy and content options - we need to be able to adapt the company name (and privacy policy link) for each company.

As of today, we need to custom create everything - as you can imagine, not necessarily what we had in mind when we subscribed to Hubspot Marketing Enterprise with 5 brand domains...


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We're also struggling with this, with a client who uses a single portal for two of its very different subsidiary brands. It's a delicate line to toe, writing the language of unsubscribing from one or both brands, and why both brands (which aren't in any way linked IRL) are in a single unsubscribe page.


We need to be able to have unsubscribe/preference/confirm pages for each of the brands. Being able to create and tweak the module for custom unsubscribe pages would be a godsend. It could be a requirement that the "unsubscribe from all" would have to be on every one, for compliance.


Where do I sign up to beta test this once the beta is availble? 



We are using Hubspot with nearly 10 domains and I confirm that this evolution is absolutely necessary !
Status updated to: In Beta
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Hi folks!


I'm changing this to "In Beta" as it is now available with a Marketing Hub Enterprise subscription.


If you'd like to access the Beta please reach out to your Customer Success Manager.



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yes please!