Email Preferences Pages for Multiple Domains


It would be very useful if Enterprise customers that are hosting multiple domains could have more than one active email preferences page. If the domains are completely unrelated and a contact is subscribed to one domain, why do they have to see all active email types from the portal? Why not just one domain?

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Currently, we can only use 1 template for subscription update page. 

We use 1 email address for multiple email type and I do not think our contacts are aware of that. 

Therefore, I assume that when contact click on the link, they may get surprized with multiple selection for email types that they can subscribe. 

It would be nice if we can use separate email template based on different email type. 

For example. 

Email type A use Template A for subscription update page

Email type B use Template B for subscription update page

Status updated to: In Planning
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Yes, this is very important to us, as well. Some email types are only open to certain people. We do not want people to be able to opt-in to an email type that is not relevant to them. We'd like the subscription page to be customizable based on user. Thanks!


I agree ! That would be nice to have this feature. Very important for us too!


 this is also important when manage several brands for  unique company.


Extremely important for us to have this. We have 5 separate, unrelated brands at the moment and having users see one preferences page isn't a good experience.


Extremeley important for us to have this also! We currently have 3 separate, unrelated brands and it's bad UX for contacts who are only subscribed to 1 brand, but may not have heard about the other brand.

Also, we plan on having brands in new countries, some will be GDPR and some will not. Different rules will apply and we need the flexibility to maximise UX across all brands. 


Had the same issue here! We have subscription types that we want to keep separate, but primarily separate our B2B and B2C subscription types. Hope to see this feature in the near future! Below was my original inquiry for further reference:


We have eight email subscription types, four B2B and four B2C. As Hubspot will only allow for one email preferences page it has sometimes become a little confusing to users to see additional categories that are irrelevant and not beneficial for us to have B2C contacts opting into B2B categories and vice-versa. I opened a Hubspot support ticket and was informed while this was not currently a Hubspot feature a developer could separate them into two separate pages using Javascript. 




We definitely need this. We use Hubspot for both prospect and customer communication. Those two audiences receive different email types. This would be very beneficial for us.


We have this issue as well. We have 5, soon to be 6, different companies using the same instance of HubSpot and it is confusing to our customers to see a subscription preferences page that contains subscriptions types they cannot subscribe too. Having the ability to select a subscription preference page based on domain would be extremely helpful and provide a much better user experience.

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On a HubSpot Enterprise account, we've got two sites, different brands. 


We're considering doing the following:


Adding Smart Blocks to the subscription templates to at least get the branding correct for each brand. This would solve the look and feel issue.


Anyone had success in hiding some of the susbcription types that are not relevant to the visiting user? E.g. User from Brand B only sees brand B subscriptions - The Brand A subscriptions would be hidden?


Extremely important. As a global manufacturer, we do not want general public to subscribe to "Distributor-only" emails. 


We have multiple companies with distinct contact/customer types. It would be very helpful to have the ability to create mutliple Company names ({{ site_settings.company_name }}) and Subsriptions. Intuitively, I thought this was possible when we purchased the enterprised package. Is this possible or in the works?


We've got two brand domains and there will be more in the future so for UX it would be extremely important to enable this feature to create different subscription pages/types for each brand. 


Yes, same here. We currently have two brand domains in the same portal and there will be more in future. For best UX we need to be able to create different subscription pages and types. 


This is a an important enhancement that needs to be included to truly host multiple domains. This restriction should be explained prior to multiple domain agreements.


Agreed! This should be a standard feature for companies with multiple domains. Please fast track.



This has always been an issue for us, but now that we're about to start using HubSpot Sales (besides CRM and Marketing that we use since 2013) the impact of this issue is growing.


Our use case

All our customers should be subscribed to the customer-specific subscriptions so that only they are informed about customer-related events. This can be webinars, advisory boards, release notes, etc.


Right now, all subscriptions are available on the subscription page. Anyone can now sign up to mailings that are meant for customers only.


We're a software company. If, for example, something is going on with the software we only want to inform those that are impacted by it. 


A simple solution

In my mind, the simplest solution is to make the subscriptions smart, based on the lifecycle stage. A Customer should be able to sign up for different emails then someone that is only a Subscriber.


Absolute no brainer! This offers so many benefits from improved CX to stronger data compliance. Come on Hubspot, lead the way!

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Great to see that this is in planning! Although, as of october 2017 Smiley Frustrated

As everyone has mentioned here, similarly we have a lot of clients that would really benefit from the ability to have multiple preference center pages - if Pardot can do it...

@kleonard do you have a timeline for this?