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Email Opt Out Reason and What Email made them unsubscribe export option

It would be helpful to have a way of exporting what was the last email they received, what email they unsubscribed from, and a reason as to why they unsubscribed. 


It would be benefical for us to get to know our leads better and helps with segmentation of similar leads that are still subscribed. 

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Re: Email Opt Out Reason and What Email made them unsubscribe export option - changed to: In Planning
October 19, 2018 08:26 AM

 This is on the team's radar and we are beginning to research how this will work/where it will fit in the platform. Stay tuned for updates/details on beta access!

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This still isn't an option. Looks like this was requested years ago. Please add a way to expose this for the entire DB, not 1 by 1. 


Any progress on adding this option ? seems like no progress since 2018? We need this option to understand better the reason of unsubscribe. Thank you! 


It would be a huge help to be able to export unsubscription details en masse, rather than just on a message by message basis (reason, marketing email, date, etc.). It would allow us a comprehensive view of disengagement feedback and trends over time, which is vastly preferable--especially for an organization with hundreds of millions of deliveries a year--over spot-checking a handful of marketing email results.