Email Integration with other email services

As it seems Hubspot currently only have email integrations set up with Gmail and Outlook 365. We have moved away from Google and Microsoft email service due to heavy cost and ongoing expense.


We recently started using AWS email service which is cost effective for our business, but doing so have resulted into disconnect from Hubspot email sync service. Although the BCC provides a way to report emails back to HubSpot, it makes Hubspot CRM function redundant.


And after speaking to a lovely Hubspot customer care personal I found out that there are not any plans at this stage to integrate with AWS or other Email services.


I would like to see if Hubspot can support such requirements for their customers?

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HubSpot Product Team

Hey @oneentity this is now possible using IMAP - check out this post for more information: Can my team connect our inboxes to HubSpot CRM and Sales?

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Hi Roisin, the link doesn't work.

HubSpot Product Team