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Email Folders

Can we add the ability to organize marketing emails with folders?  We have a huge amount of emails and it would be wonderful if we could organize them in some way! The way the folders currently work is different than the way they work in Workflows. Currently, you can add emails to the folders, but they still clog up the list.

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Checking in - it's nearly March 2024 and it appears that Hubspot still hasn't added the ability to shift Marketing Email folders around...


It's wild to me that this isn't basic functionality at this point. What good is the folder system if you can't make any changes to the way you have things organized if your method isn't working out? Seems like critical functionality that's missing.


I agree - I can't understand why the option to have folders was taken away. The filters/campaigns/search work to a certain extent but it's a pain - would be sooooo handy to group emails (and we have a lot) by type. And the ability to add subfolders would be an added bonus. 


Please add the folders, for busy organizations it is great to be able to store assets in the folders.