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Can we add the ability to organize marketing emails with folders?  We have a huge amount of emails and it would be wonderful if we could organize them in some way! The way the folders currently work is different than the way they work in Workflows. Currently, you can add emails to the folders, but they still clog up the list.

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Agree.  We have a huge number of emails and its really difficult to manage.  The folder structure in Workflows works much better.



Agreed! Would love to be able to add emails to folders in list view instead of having to be in the folder view. They clog up the main list and it would be great to have them organized instead.

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Yes, please! I understand that HubSpot features have been puzzle-pieced together, but I don't understand why folders still work one way in one tool and differently in another. We have an absurd number of client emails that need to be kept out of the list of marketing emails. Why have folders if you can't put things in them to organize the mess? 


Yes, think of this like an email inbox or a file repository. When you move a List or an Email to a folder, it should disappear from the full view. Or at least have a clickable option where you can choose whether or not to see items that are also in folders.


I agree. It would be great if we could add a column to the Emails page so we can view which folder the email is alongside the name of the email. We can do this with Lists and it's so handy to be able to see this at a glance.


It's great that we have the option to add emails to folders, but it would be more beneficial to have the folder view as the first thing you see when going into the Marketing Emails page, so rather than the list view being all the individual emails, the list view would be all the folders. Then you can select the folder/topic first and then find/create the email within the folder and the email dissapears from this list view once it's added to the folder. This works really well for the Workflows page and keeps everything looking organised and tidy.


Currently our Email Marketing list is looking a bit wild because there's just no way of keeping it organised, other than only using the Folder tab. We often work on a variety of emails at the same time, they might have different audiences or be about different things and just using the email list to view them can be a bit confusing with multiple emails in draft at any one time.


In addition to being able to see which folder an email is in, we really need to be able to add the email to a folder on creation. As it stands now, you have to create the email, save it and then move into a folder and that's  so frustrating!


This is absolutely a necessity as we have multiple divisions within our company and hundreds of emails per division. Would be nice if the HubSpot support team would respond to this idea one way or the other. I will certainly bring it up with my HS rep.


This is such a weird oversight. We have folders now, but:
a) Cannot make 'folder view' the default.
b) Cannot make 'add to folder' part of the default 'create' workflow
c) Cannot add a column in list view to see the folders each email is in
d) Cannot 'audit' the emails to see which are not in a folder (as it's up to people to add to folders manually and therefore some will inevitably forget to, requiring a regular audit and tidy-up).

Please... asap... bolster this function.

I agree. The functionality requested would be really helpful.

Any status update on this feature? A million upvotes to have lists and folders work like they do in workflows. The current arrangement is untenable =-( 

No update that I’m aware of ☹

Agree 100%. When you want to sort automated campaign marketing emails, this feature would make it so much easier. Folders already exist, so it should be a simple and fast implementation. 


I agree! The folder structure already exists, but the function to see which emails are sorted into which folders is still missing. This makes the function partly useless, because you can't see which mails are already sorted into a folder (like with the lists). This should be a basic function.

I have opened another idea for this topic:


This would be amazing to have. Currently there it is very hard to find those emails that haven't been added in any folders. Folder structure just like workflows would be wonderful.


Yes -- we desperately need this feature. List and folder view needs to function the same way it does in Workflows. Is this something in development?


Has this not be resolved yet? If not, how?!?!

It is super frustrating, and a complete waste of time- PLEASE HUBSPOT FIX THIS!


Very sad that this is still an issue 3 years later  - HUBSPOT - as a technology company - this should be at the top of the list to fix.  It's very frustrating that we cannot easily organize emails. 



The email folder issue drives me crazy. I like to keep everything organized. There's no way to tell from the email list view whether you've filed it away in a folder. Wouldn't it make sense to add it as a column option, at a minimum? 


We use a naming system to quickly view categories of emails. but now the folders feature is here, it'll take too much time to manually organise. a way to automate the assigning of emails to folders would be really helpful to speed up the process.


IE: If email title contains *campaign name* assign to *campaign name* folder.


Or even the ability to do this in workflows would be helpful to automate the admin/organisation of HS.


Honestly there are a couple of simple fixes I think would benefit most users.


1. Create filter of any activity based on the division they are assigned.

2. Create a filter where you can see messages sent/received by the user who is logged in. 

3. By default- at the very least have emails collapsable by month/year so users can quickly navigate to a time they are looking for vs endless scrolling. We are new to HS but there are several accounts with hundreds of emails already piling up in there... and we want to capture things for customer service reasons so editing through and picking/choosing and creating/automating folders might be too much.