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Our sales team has requested that each contact owner receive a daily digest email with anything that happened with one of their contacts.  They'd prefer this over viewing the notifications in the Sales Extension because then they can review later, while traveling.  


Ideally, this would also be able to filter for certain types of activities our company finds most important.  For example, they might not want to know that 3000 people received a notification about a trade show, but they do want to know that their service ticket has been resolved.  

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HubSpot Employee
HubSpot Employee

Posting on customer's behalf:


They'd like to see a feature that will enable the emailing of the day's activities that contacts have taken, with regards to sequence emails. Their sales reps may not always remember to check their activity feed, and hence a feature to send email notifications that sum up the activity feed for the day (filtered by sequence activity), would be very useful!