Email Conversations in Mobile App

At the moment we can only view chat conversations in the mobile app. I need to use the app for email conversations to view emails and reply to clients that contact us. This is very important for my team since we are often on the road and clients sending important information via email. We use smart phones to view emails on the road. 


Please advice. 

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Yes, seems like a very basic functionality we're also sorely missing...

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I totally agree, I do customer care and it's so deeply important to me to have the opportunity to answer to our customers any time and everywhere from my mobile. Hubspot is awesome and I really think this is a basic and absolutely needed function for support, especially because Gmail App do not track and save the email on HubSpot. Thanks 

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This is a showstopper. 

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I was also hoping to use this as a workaround for HubSpot's lackluster email syncing and integration features. No such luck as this won't work on mobile. Man I want to like HubSpot, but so many important features missing I find myself spending more time duct-taping the CRM together than it's worth to have a CRM.

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i can not belive this is not an option in the mobile app. we now have all emails filtering into hubspot but you are telling me i can't answer any of them via my phone after hours now?! this makes no sense. 

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It si frustrating that I can only do quotes and emails with my laptop. There are times I need to be able access the inbox of email conversations and quotes from the app in both ipad and android.

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We really need it please !