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Email Campaign Clicked Link in export

I would like to pull a report of email campaign recipients that have clicked a link in a filtered set of emails that we've sent. I need to be able to export the list of recipients who clicked a link and have the URL of the link they clicked in the export.


This would give my clients a list with specific link activity for their sales teams to follow up and call on. It's not enough to just know that a person clicked a link in an email -- we want to know which link they clicked. This data shows in the "Recipients" tab in the email reporting section but you cannot export it nor can you copy and paste to put the info in a spreadsheet manually.

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I agree here. Our clients need to have a report of the number of clicks on their specific site in our marketing email, over the span of a month (multiple marketing emails). 


We also want to understand the types of clicks a certain individual is making. For example, in the month of September, i want to know all the links that this person has clicked in our marketing emails. Funny enough though, HS has this data in the individual marketing emails but does not have a way to display this nicely in a report for multiple marketing emails. To create a report like this currently requires exporting the results from each marketing email and then manually filtering it.