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The campaign calendar is useful, but any emails we create are populated on the date they are published. Why not track when they are sending instead. Our company sends a lot of emails, and seemlessly tracking when each campagin is sending would save a ton of time. 

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I agree!

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Being able to see scheduled emails would be really helpful, as well as draft emails that may not have an official scheduled published date - this could be achieved by allowing the tentative send date to be added without having to fully schedule the email out.


Agreed! We use the Campaign calendar to plan our marketing activities for the year. Every marketing email is drafted, associated with a campaign, and assigned a sending date, BUT we don't want to have to 'schedule' the email to go out. Therefore the email draft doesn't appear on the campaign calendar. 


It would be GREAT to be able to see drafted marketing emails on our calendar just like how we see sent & scheduled emails.