Elegant solution requested to adjusting to job promotions or company changes

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What can I offer guidance on today Lu?

Steven Norbury3:40 PM


What is the most elegant way to track a customer's change in jobs or companies?

You3:40 PM


Can you elaborate a bit more on exactly what you're trying to accomplish?

Steven Norbury3:40 PM


Just discovered a customer has changed companies. 1) I do NOT want to duplicate CRM records, 2) I do NOT want to loose old CRM communciations or linkes across the old company., 3) I DO want to pick up the relationship and support the fresh environment in a way I can see past aspects for the relationship.

You3:43 PM


Gotcha. Sounds like your best bet here would be to create a custom property, (you can name it company #2 or something like that) Smiley Happy

Steven Norbury3:46 PM


I see every relationship as having its own "road map" from first contact through years of development. I am thinking that there "ought" to be some sort of visualization of this road map as we navigate the twists and turns of job promotions and changes. Is there nothing like this -- an elegant sort of solution -- that I can leverage in HS?

You3:49 PM


Ah gotcha! At this time, to my knowledge there is not.

Steven Norbury3:53 PM


I would encourage you to submit your thoughts to the HubSpot ideas forum as our product team regularly monitors this page when considering changes to the platform!

Steven Norbury3:53 PM


I'll go ahead and close this out for now, but feel free to reach out to us, or reference the Knowledge Base or Community Forum with any additional questions. Have a great rest of your day!

Steven Norbury4:00 PM

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